Noni is also one of the fruit which has been used in the health Industry for years. Noni juice is made from the fruit of a small evergreen plant called NONI, also known as Indian mulberry in Indian Sub-continent, normally found in global subtropics and tropics. Botanical name Morinda citrifolia, noni belongs to the Rubiaceae family and is privileged as the ‘queen’ of the Morinda genus owing to its conspicuous attributes, versatile nature and distinctive capability of spreading itself usually on the seashores without requiring much human intervention. It is often one of the earliest species which grow on the freshly deposited lava flows typically in Hawaiian regions.

Noni Juice Nutrition

One tablespoon of NONI juice has about:

  • 3.5 calories
  • 0.9 gram carbohydrates
  • 1.5 milligrams vitamin C (2 percent DV)
  • 300 micrograms zinc (2 percent DV)
  • 170 micrograms niacin (<1 percent DV)
  • 0.12 microgramsfolate (<1 percent DV)
  • 2 milligrams calcium (<1 percent DV)
  • 800 micrograms magnesium (<1 percent DV)
  • 35 micrograms iron (<1 percent DV)
  • 10 milligrams potassium (<1 percent DV)

Noni also provides fatty acids, amino acids (serine, arginine and methionin), and powerful antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, beta-carotene, catechins, coenzyme Q10, flavonoids, lipoic acid, lutein, lycopene and selenium.